Thinking about volunteerism and developing country !!!

What is volunteerism ? 

When I applied CCI Program( CCIP is a scholarship program in the USA. It funds by US Goverment)

I haven’t had any idea about this word. Okay!! I had some volunteer experience but It was simple works for me. When I came
to the USA I recognized how important is volunteering and volunteerism. I have a lot of experience for volunteerism in the USA. For instance; “ I had a Turkish Teacher. I met with her in Mesa Community College. She is Christian and I’m Muslim. I spent many times with her and her family in 10 months. And I decided to go to the churches I just wanted to observe new people and environment.  

As you know about Syria. At the time war was really bad in Syria. We have asylum and camps in Hatay, Turkey for Syrian refugees because they can live in Turkey freely. That’s why some churches were collecting money or people were donating money to church for helping Syrian refugees in Turkey. In one night they collected 12 thousands dollar. And I heard some Christian people worked in Hatay, Turkey for refugees. Also they still work in there.  

In my country more than %90 people are Muslim. We have to help them. Because we have almost same culture, religion. Also our doors are open for everyone Good thing is Christians help to Muslims and Muslims help to Christians. No matter what is difference between all religions. Important thing is humanity for volunteering. In some environment this idea really good in the USA. “ 

What I recognized in the USA ?  

The USA has different nations, values, religions, cultures etc. those are important things for every community and every community wants to live those things freely. Main think is they live those important things in the USA. And everyone respect each other when they live their religion, cultures etc. 

I just tried to explain what is definition of developed country for me with 2 questions. Still Some countries (like Turkey) are developing countries. Those countries should need to take some ideas from the USA. Maybe with those thoughts we can make difference together in our earth. 


When you feel something just write it down !!!


Last time I wrote down around December. OMG !!!

It has been really long time. I don’t know why. Until December everything went really well. Just needed to write down when I was depress, sad lonely. After December everything went wonderful. I loved my life with wonderful people. Who really liked to be with me. I think I found the reason.

Why Am I writing now ?

When I arrived in Turkey I was expecting a lot of things from my family, relatives, friends, and people even from me. It was a first mistake I made. First rule is in life: don’t expect anything from anyone.

Second think is I missed my beloved people. I thought I will not be missing them. But I missed them a lot. I feel sometimes I left piece of my heart in AZ. And around the world.

Just talk about what have I done after since When I arrived to Turkey.

I was like a pothole. Everyone was pushing me down and I was going to deep. Also, I shocked when I recognized a new life. I was different person for people or people were different for me.

I was in AZ I was planning my education in Turkey. That’s why I started to study for an exam. It would help me to continue my education in the university. I studied every day in 2 months for this exam. Because I knew It would give me a bright future. Whatever I took the exam now time for waiting for result. If I get a good result I will chose a school. Then I will have a new money issues. Because I know no one will help me. I wish I will handle this problem, too.

I applied some organizations for international students. Last week I got a response from Turkish Government. They will have camp for International Students. It calls International Students Youth Camp in Trabzon. It will start next week. I believe this camp will be helping me for charging myself. I will engage with other countries student and I will have a trip.

Last 2 months were horrible for me. I was alone without my CCIP family. I was having some money and family issues, and trying to have good future. Worst thing is I have still those things.

How can you know When You miss someone?

When you hear a random song you go to past.
When you walk on the street suddenly you see some shops. Some food reminds you your past.
When you see a picture on someone else’s t-shirt.
When your mind is empty you suddenly go to past. And your tears go to down.
When you watch a movie this movie happens in NYC then you remember your adventures in NYC. You remember how to become a homeless with them in train station.
When you see some news about Mexico you remember a wonderful Mexican Girl and her beautiful family.
When you see tourists on the street just run them and try to help them.
When you see a coffee shop you remember your crazy friend.
All this things help you to remember for your past. Even you don’t forget anything about them. Do you know what good thing is about missing someone: You don’t remember any bad thing about them. You just remember their best side in your life. Even you remember salty tea. You just get up make a cup of salty tea. When you drink your salty tea you look on the cup you remember your honey.

Best thing is when you have someone around the world anytime you feel their love in your life. And You know they love you without any reason as brother, as friend, as family member in their life. It helps you when you struggle for a bright future.

See you next time. At least I can have a good writing skill when I write down.

What Happened in 21 years ?

I chose this title because when I submit this blog I will be in 21. When I talked with elder people they were starting to tell me about their experience. It is interesting and exciting for me. When I look from at the moment to past. I was shocked and I was telling myself ‘’ Oh My God How I survived ? ‘’ I have unforgettable memories and moments in 21 years.  This is first time to I’m writing for blog. And I want to share with you mine work experience.

I was thirteen years old. One day I went to my father room . I told him: ‘’ I want to have a bicycle. Please buy a bicycle for me. ‘’That time was difficult for my father because I have three more elder brother. And he had more responsibility .that time he didn’t say anything to me. One day later he called me. And gave me a bunch of lemon. He told me :‘’ sell this lemons in bazaar and buy a bicycle for you .’’ I went to bazaar and I couldn’t sell those lemons because someone had best price.  That time was summer. I thought why don’t sell some cold stuff. And I started to sell cold water with ice. It worked. I was using bottle and glasses from my home without allow from my mother. Then I changed my stuff. Mean I was trying to sell orange juice and some fruit juices. I made good money that time. Also I liked this job even I didn’t want to have bicycle It was seeming boring to me. Actually I couldn’t buy bicycle. This money was not enough for this plan. And I used this money for my school when I needed money I used this strategy.

It was my first job experience. I learned different ways and experiences from different situation. Main thing was : I learned ‘’ I can survive without my parents. If I want to…

By the way , I had a bicycle 2 years later from this experience. My oldest brother gave me for gift.

Forever 21…